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Our History

Squad 124:  

In November of 1956 Squad, 124 was established by the volunteers of Plumsteadville Fire Company after receiving their first ambulance, a 1941 Chrysler, from the Dublin Fire Company for the sum of $1. Back then the ambulance crews would basically do a scoop and run calls and were dispatched by telephone directly. They would use tow trucks to help extricate patients from vehicles before hydraulic rescue tools were introduced in the 1960s. Between 1958 and 1979, 6 other vehicles were purchased and circulated throughout the years, including a rescue truck in 1979 that the Plumsteadville Inn contributed 40% of the cost. The rescue truck came with a 5,000-watt built-in light generator and was able to be used as a mobile station and most importantly, it had a coffee urn!! It went into service in 1980. In 1996 the squad established a paid day time crew running 6a-6p 5 days a week and volunteers manned the trucks evenings and weekends.


Squad 177:

On July 3, 1974, a letter regarding the estate of Myrtle May DeLong was written to Thomas Anderson, the Chief of Point Pleasant Fire Company from the law offices of Eastburn and Gray who were the Executors of her estate. The letter informed the fire Chief that she has left $25,000 to purchase an ambulance to serve the people surrounding the community. The fire company established a fact-finding committee and held many meetings to determine if the people would support the ambulance service. There were 111 community members who attended these meetings, 50 who would later become crew members and 15 who would perform administrative duties. On April 10, 1975, the Point Pleasant Fire Company Ambulance Corps was officially organized. Squad 177 was put into service when the crew responded in ambulance 1776 for their very first call on the evening of October 7, 1975. Later, they too would resort to paid staff during the weekdays and relied on volunteers to staff the trucks evenings and weekends.



On January 1, 1998 Squads 177 and 124 merged as one. They continued to use spaces at both firehouses while they were actively searching for their own house in the township. Two main factors played a part in the new station and that was, it must be centralized to both coverage areas and they would be able to build a pole barn for housing the ambulances. In January of 1999, the sale was finalized for the property on Stump Rd for $210,000 where Station 124 is located today. The pole barn was built to hold up to 4 ambulances thinking of the future. Paid BLS crews were brought in-house and volunteers continued donating their time to keep the ambulances in service 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Station 177 at PPFC was faced to shut down in 1999 when Central Bucks Medic 130 moved in with ALS services. Ambulance 1776 moved to station 124 and was renamed 1243.

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