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Dennis Mood

Dennis started in Emergency Service in 1971 with Horsham Fire Co. as a junior member and joined Horsham Ambulance in 1974. He ran there 8 years total including 3 as a Fire Lieutenant. In 1979, he deserted suburbia in search of a quiet space, landing in Pipersville next to a cow pasture that he eventually purchased to eliminate the source of the smell.


He joined Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Company and later, the Ambulance in 1979, where there was more action. An EMT since 1983, he has held just about every position in the squad, including Deputy, Lieutenant, President, and 6 years as chief. He's a Burpee Service Award winner and a squad life member. He is also a CPR instructor and FAA certified flight instructor. His current stint as Treasurer has lasted for 20 years. He feels his greatest accomplishment has been guiding the board of directors in keeping the squad financially sound in the era of disappearing volunteers and helping to set out a long term strategy for the future.

Current Position:
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